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About Dayton Kennel Club

Dayton Kennel Club was incorporated April 22, 1938 and is a member of the American Kennel Club. The DKC mission is to promote purebred dogs through responsible breeding practices; to provide educational opportunities for members and the community, encouraging responsible pet ownership; and to support and cooperate with organizations in the care and relief of stray dogs.

To meet these goals, Dayton Kennel Club holds two all-breed shows a year, as well as a puppy match. DKC provides breeder referrals to help connect prospective purebred puppy owners with responsible breeders. The club provides information on rescue organizations; spay/neuter issues, and other concerns about pet ownership. Club meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from September through May, excluding November. Meeting locations are announced each month.

Join Dayton Kennel Club

Why should you join? The Dayton Kennel Club is open to anyone with an interest in dogs.

We promote the continuing improvement of purebred dogs, protecting the interests of dog owners and dog fanciers. We encourage owning, training and exhibiting purebred dogs. DKC hosts many dog events (shows/matches, trials, classes, public education, etc.). You do not need to currently own a purebred dog to join DKC, just be interested in them. Joining a kennel club before making your first show/competition dog purchase is an excellent way to make contacts with responsible breeders.

The bottom line? You'll interact, learn and have fun with people who love dogs - just like you.



Tonight's meeting (JANUARY 16) is CANCELLED due to weather. Sorry for any inconvenience but the temperature is predicted to be "bitterly cold" with temperatures in the single digits and wind chill in the negative. Please stay safe!



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